Vandrarhemmet Rallarrosen

As it’s hard to find an apartment in Gällivare, we decided to rent a room at the hostel, at least for the first month. However, after being there only one day we started looking for something else. They don’t have any pictures of the place on their website, I wonder why?


Then, in the middle of the grounds, they have an old abandoned orphanage. Scribbled on one of the bed posts in our room was: ”Look out for the orphans’ ghosts: they’re coming to get you!” Not likely, but the place does look kind of spooky:


Our windows didn’t open, there wasn’t any way to clean the place (we were the only ones who even tried) and the paint was peeling off the walls. Those were minor things though, the three main problems were:

1) The Bathroom



Yes, that’s mold.

2) The Kitchen

The dishes were greasy, the cupboards were filthy, the rags and towels had never been changed, and there weren’t any proper cleaning materials. The worst part was the oven – the first time we turned it on we thought it had started on fire. Soon we became braver, as we realized that was just normal.



3) The occupants (more here)

To the defence of this place: even though it was an outrageously expensive monthly price, she had given us a discount, and most of the living in Gällivare is overpriced as there’s a major lack of housing (the wait time for an apartment in town is several years). The furnishings are new, with a new table set and leather sofa, a big screen TV and an AC unit. The rest, supposedly, is on it’s way, as the place has recently changed hands and is apparently under renovation now.


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  1. […] Almost the only other occupants that ever lived in Vandrarhemmet Rallarrosen, lovingly dubbed ”the Indian Reservation”, while we were there were construction […]


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