Funny signs

When I see a funny sign, I take a picture of it – much to everyone’s embarrassment. Here are some I’ve taken the past year. The first one was at a hostel (in Sweden), taped onto a coffee dispenser:


English would be so much more awesome if it whoever made that sign got to decide. The next sign is in Swedish, found in a care home:


Englishized that would be: “Attention! No wheelchairs to be charged here because of the risk of explosion!!! Charging room is in the cellar.” Exploding wheelchairs, there’s some excitement for you! Picture number three needs some explanation as to why it’s funny – maybe it’s just funny to me? I don’t know if anyone else does this, but whenever I see a calender, I flip to the month of my birth (June) and look at the picture, so that’s “my” picture. We got a free calender in the mail or something, and the theme was nature. Lots of pictures of landscapes, wildlife, but what picture do I get?


Naturally. I just hope it’s not symbolic or something. The next sign I saw as we were driving (sorry about the bad quality):


I couldn’t figure out – is the handicapped person (or whatever the politically correct term is) supposed to ride in the sidecar, or what? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but… unusual. The last sign, the sign to top them all, was at a gas pump we stopped at, the kind of gas pump where there’s no restroom – the text just says that if you will be fined if you don’t obey:



~ av christa89 på november 2, 2010 - 11:06.


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