You may have noticed that my blog posts have been looking strange lately – it’s because I’ve been posting via amplify. Amplify is a site where you can post to facebook, twitter, your blog and more at the same time. I will still post some things just on here, for example what I write in Swedish.

I had a strange dream last night. Well, I guess dreams are strange and this is typical. Skip to the next paragraph if you have something better to do than read about my dreams. In the dream I dreamed I woke up and saw that it was really pretty outside, the sun was setting (an odd time to wake up, I know) and it was all red, and I knew that the colors would change and it would be normal within a few minutes. But, I had to go get my camera which was quite far away, and then I had to switch shoes so I could go outside, and then for some reason I had to park the car, backwards, up this really steep driveway, like 45 degrees. The car didn’t want to park because it was so steep, and when I finally thought it would stay put I got out, and it started rolling down really fast – then I realized it wasn’t in park, but in drive and now it was going to go a really long ways and I had to run after it. Before I had caught up to it it had run over an old lady’s foot – she just happened to walk by then. Luckily, she said it didn’t hurt. I thought that was strange, but it all made sense when I looked back at the car and saw it was just Benji, who was running in circles around being completely goofy. So, now I had to catch him before I took my pictures. By the time I caught him it looked really ugly outside so I decided to go for a walk with him instead, as he obviously had way too much energy.

Can anyone psychoanalyze this for me please?

In other news: from the 6th of December to at least the 6th of January, I’m going to be really busy with doubtful internet connection, so no blogging. Just go home, people.


~ av christa89 på november 30, 2010 - 14:11.


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