Not a promise, but a dream

I think I’ve said ”now I’m back!” as many times as I’m allowed to without people laughing out loud. Maybe I’ll write here regularly again sometime, but believe it when you see it.

However, for the first time in a long time there was something I thought ”that I have to blog about!”

It was a dream I had. And the reason I thought it was important to write here, was that no one in real life actually cares about my dreams.

You do though, right? Right?

Oh well.

So I was dreaming I was going to Sweden to get my friend Amanda. I had to go on the bus to the boat, on the boat to Sweden, get her and then come back on the boat. Amanda was here this spring and we were in a complete rush every time we had to catch a boat/bus/train/whatever so she got really stressed. Now in my dream I could choose between two boats: the one would mean I had about 5 minutes to spare and the other would mean I had 12 hours and 5 minutes. Well, obviously 12 hours was waaaay too much time, as it would only take about an hour to get her. So, five minutes it was. Sorry, Amanda’s Nerves!

So off I go on the bus towards the boat, but accidentally get off about 10 km too early. How was I to get to the boat now? And remember, it’s not like I could take a later boat… I explained my predicament to a man who got off at the same stop as me and was getting into his parked car. Could he please drop me off at the boat terminal as it wasn’t too far from his house? No problem. But, he stopped at his house and got out. ”Go ahead to the boat terminal and just leave the car there” he shouted. I asked him again just to be sure because that sounded strange, but he couldn’t hear me asking and was already busy with other things, so I just left.

It seems I heard wrong. He hadn’t said ”Go ahead without me”, he said ”I’m just getting something, I’ll be right back”. Almost to the boat terminal, I heard sirens and realized the police were after me. ”I don’t have time to be arrested now, I’ll miss the boat!” I thought. I’ll explain to them after I get back.

That was about when I woke up. Anyway, if anyone’s been bothered to read this through, why don’t you write a comment with your dream? You know, an ear for an ear and all that lot (I bore your ear off and you bore mine).


~ av christa89 på januari 30, 2011 - 23:53.

Ett svar to “Not a promise, but a dream”

  1. Hi Christa,

    I like the dream… it wasn’t boring at all, but when you get to know me — I love stories!!

    I thought I’d look around my hard drive and see if I had any dreams saved. I know I had before. No luck! 😦

    Heh, I’ll bore you with something else. Fair?

    Recently, life has been treating me darn well! Well, except my lack of time management with school, but I will kick myself hard if I don’t tighten up this week. This week, I start a full-time job with Compass Airline (Delta Airlines), so time management is hard key for time on throught graduation (March). I also have a part-time job to juggle with, social media marketing, a coffee shop and donut shop, along with myself (Twitter, Facebook, Blog [Tumblr + WordPress]) LIfe just got hectic! I tell you, I will be relieved when school is done with. In the meantime, I will enjoy what fun / social time I can get. 🙂

    OK, I think I bored you enough 😉 Talk soon!


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