Kinesiologist = Voodoo Doctor?

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As my kinesiologist I sometimes go to is in Stockholm and I’m not, I recently tried to find one in Denmark. It’s harder than you’d think to find someone serious. Even with going via links from the Danish Kinesiologist Association, I ended up on pages like this, with angels and humbug and whatnot.

Finally I find someone who looks sort of serious and is somewhere within driving range. I get a time and off I go.

Problem is, kinesiology and weirdness is like showers and mold. It is possible to have a mold-free shower, but the chances aren’t very high. Mold grows well in showers, and weirdness grows well in kinesiology (and in Christa’s metaphores, but that’s a different story).

To make a long story a little shorter, one of the things she did was place a individual size coffee creamer package on my stomach and wiggled my arm. What did that tell her? Evidently I’m allergic to milk – which the other kinesiologist, who also tested for allergies, didn’t say I was.

”You have a really bad allergy to milk!” she says. ”Luckily, I’m one of the few people who can cure you of that.” She wiggles my arm and counts out loud to 10. She then informs me she has just found out that I have this allergy because of something that happened when I was one year old. It could even be a little thing like I got told off and didn’t understand what I did wrong, and then that made me feel rejected and frustrated and sad and the whole lot, and thus I can’t drink milk (an obvious conclusion). ”Don’t you feel sad, frusterated and rejected?” she asks me. ”Um, no, not really…” ”When you look in the mirror, don’t you sometimes see a sad little girl looking back at you?” ”Well, that’s not usually what pops into my head when I look in the mirror, no…” So anyway she wiggled my feet (I was laying down) and said ”Christa is now one year old”. Then she sticks her hand on my forehead and says: ”Christa, don’t feel sad. Don’t feel rejected. Don’t feel frusterated.” Then she wiggles my feet again to take me back to the present.


”Now,” says she, ”You don’t have a milk allergy but a milk intolerance, which is better.” Set to go, I guess. Then she put on some creepy music and rubbed my feet.

Summa summarum, this is what I should do, according to her:

  • Don’t eat yoghurt, milk, cheese, etc for at least a year
  • Avoid coffee (waaaah!)
  • Go back to her at least a few times so she can do this again because it’s obviously just what I need

My policy is, ignore weirdness, take what helps and leave the rest, and don’t go on an explanation but on whether it works or not. It’s been a week now and I don’t notice any difference, so I think I’ll try to cut down on milk products and coffee, but see no reason to go back to her.


Wise words indeed

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Here are some words of wisdom for you, relevant to my life:

Don’t play the harmonica while chewing gum. Just don’t.

Chubby car?

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I had to do a double-take as I walked past this car on the street. Honest to goodness, that car has a fat roll! How is it possible? Look for yourself: (picture borrowed from here)

Raka vägen

•februari 22, 2011 - 19:10 • 1 kommentar

Jag fick ett brev igår som hade eftersändats fyra gånger – står alltså fem adresser! Efter de första tre så fanns det inte plats för flera adresser, så stoppade man hela kuvertet ned i ett annat kuvert. Här är beviset:

Tog bilden suddigt med flit – kanske ni förstår varför 😉

Legibus et armis

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I knew, I knew when I took Latin that it would be handy for something. Here in Kristianstad some of the buildings have Latin on them – and of course with my mad Latin skillz I know just what it means:

Legibus et armis, as everyone knows, means legs and arms. Beats me why someone would write it on their house, though…

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Short on space in your apartment? Try this: 24 rooms in 32 square meters (144 square feet).

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